‘Time thou anticipat’st my dread exploits’ . I think this means that his horrible deeds will reveal them self to over time

” Hath so exasperate their king that he prepares for war” Lenox and The Lord were discussing Macbeth going to start a war because they believe that Macbeth is crazy

‘In riddles and affairs’ i think hecate is angry because they which told macbeth the futre and caused deaths

‘But now i am cabin’d cribb’d confin’d bound in my doubts and fears’ this means that he is locked up in his doubts and fears and because of this Macbeth has gone crazy and paranoid  

‘It will have blood they say, blood will have blood’ this means if one person dies more people will. ‘I am in blood stepp’d so far that should i wade no more, returning were as tedious as go-er’ I think this means there are taking thing to dull and slow why would you use blood instead […]

I think that he trust the dagger because in this quote ‘the handle toward my hand’ mean that he will take the dagger and it will lead him. I think the dagger will convince him to kill the king. I think the dagger represents his choice now with the dagger being bloody and before it […]

‘As I am a kinsman and his subject’ he says this but it means that he is loyale to him

Duncan respects Macbeth ‘we cours’d him at the heels and had a purpose and his great love he rides well ‘ lady Macbeth makes king Duncan so he was not suspicion and no on could ruin her plan

I think this scene says that lady Macbeth thinks that Macbeth is to scared to kill the king. there for she wanted to kill the king to become queen . she  asks the witches to take away  her  feminine side to  fade away so she has enough power to kill him so she can        become rich and powerful. I […]

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